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7 Tips That will Motivate You To Work On Your Startup.

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1. Build A Great Team — Don’t work alone, get yourself a team — people you love and respect, and that you enjoy spending time with. Your team is going to be your family for the next several months, and hopefully for the coming years. I was fortunate to have a co-founder who is my best friend, who shared an apartment with me. We’ve seen each other in highs and lows, and we know how to support and motivate each other. Our third team member is a friend of my little brother Jonathan, and is a brilliant young man, who became a good friend of mine as well. 2. Find a Cool Workspace to Work In — Finding a great workspace is one of the key ways to motivate yourself and get your ass off your couch to work on your startup. Find yourself a cool coffee shop not too far from home that is open until the late hours and on weekends. Get to know the owner and staff. Make yourself feel like at home when you go there. 3. Take Lots of Breaks — Sitting for 5 hours straight won’t make you more productive, it will make you look like a chair or a couch! Work for 45 minutes, and then have a short break, laugh with your team, go out for a 5 minutes walk, eat something. After you got yourself refreshed, go and work full power again. If you see that you need a longer break, take it — You deserve it!

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